The Omni Analytics Group team consists of Dr. Lawrence Mosley and Dr. Eric Hare, data scientists with backgrounds in Industrial Engineering, Statistics and Computer Science. Below you can find their CVs and Linkedin profiles with public letters of recommendations.

Lawrence Mosley, PhD
Eric Hare, PhD

Omni Analytics Group is a boutique data science consulting company that specializes in statistical analysis and algorithm design for enterprises. Our experience crosses multiple domains and verticals. Of the work relevant to the AWWI, we'd like to point your attention to the following projects (with external links where available):

  • We've designed and deployed multiple shiny applications for the Iowa Soybean Association, helping them track soybean grown and optimize crop yield. We've even provided training and knowledge transfer sessions to support project hand off.
  • For a non-profit company in the philanthropy industry, we created a workflow that extracted information from multiple data sources, processed the data, calculated statistics and generated the outputs into an automated report.
  • For our corporate clients, we regularly produce automated R scripts that perform complex machine learning routines. These scripts are well documented, much like the code hosted on our GitHub.
  • Our Shiny 'Laboratory' hosts multiple applications with various statistical functionalities.

For 100 hours earmarked between the October 1st - December 31st "period of performance", our hourly rate will be $200/hr. Given that the market rate typically contracted into by the federal government for companies with our profile is $220/hr, we've discounted ours slightly to be more cost competitive. (Source):

The above quote is fully loaded, including all direct costs. We request that indirect costs for travel and associated accommodations be handled by AWWI through reimbursement should the need for on-site collaboration arise.